Weekly Science Week, Special Topics: Science is the premier source for high-quality, fake science news. Between the blog, podcast, twitter, and other associated web spaces, we aim to keep you updated with up-to-date stories, straight from the mouths of real fake scientists and other experts.

For those curious to learn about science, and other fascinating, related fields, this is almost the worst place you could be. So please, peruse the articles. Subscribe on twitter @weeklysciweek, and check out our facebook page as well: These will inform you about new updates to the blog and podcast, and give you additional facts and information to impress your friends.

Weekly Science Week will do its best to blog 6 times per week, and on the off day, post a new podcast episode. We also aim to keep you well suited with plenty of tweets throughout the day.


James Farison is a fairly casual science fan, but in reading about made-up science in books, and also reading about real scientific discoveries, he found that the truth was often stranger than fiction. Through Weekly Science Week, Special Topics: Science, he aims to fix that.


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