Gene for Narcissism Faces Extinction

Genetic science has recently focused on identifying personality traits; jealousy, selfishness, a predisposition to vertically striped clothing, etc. One of these genetic traits is Narcissism. Unfortunately, this gene seems to be slowly disappearing. Dr. Glenn Walker explains his theory as to why this is:

“Genes die out through Darwinism; non-useful genes are eliminated. Narcissism isn’t very useful, and most people find it very unattractive. Also, people who are narcissists are so poorly liked that their friends often punch them in the reproductive organs. This prevents the gene from being reproduced as well.”

This is an interesting case, Dr. Walker elaborates, due to the unpleasant nature of the gene.

“We face a dilemma, because, as scientists, we do want to prevent extinction as much as possible, but even we contribute to this ‘problem’; I personally punched three narcissists today.”

Dr. Walker suggests that narcissism will be completely gone within 50 years. While this is exciting for those haters of narcissism, it is still sad to see something die out. In addition, there is no telling what damage this will do to the American mirror industry; stocks are already dropping in anticipation.


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