Squid Pens

Pens are wonderful things; easily accessible, and permanent. Reusable pens are even better, when you can refill the ink to reduce waste. The problem is, these can be expensive, and they do require maintenence; who needs all that hassle of changing ink? In addition, they are still not waste-free. Now, a fabulous new pen has been invented to curb waste, and reduce hassle; the Squid Pen.

Squids produce large quantities of ink, pretty much constantly. Why not harnass this ability to create a low-waste pen? Now, Squid Pens have a tiny aquarium at the top of the pen, inside of which a very tiny squid is living and producing ink. Instead of all the expensive ink cartridges, all you need to buy is squid food, to keep your squid alive. The inventor, marine biologist Carl Farley, had this to say about his new pen:

“We specifically breed extra-tiny squids with extra-high ink production. We talked to the squids, and they didn’t have any complaints about their living conditions, either; that being said, squids can’t talk.”

While Squid Pens will be premiering soon, you may want to wait a bit; in a few months, new squids are anticipated with different color inks. I’m holding out for a rainbow squid.


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