History Sunday: Television

Entertainment technology has come an awful long way; the printing press, to the radio, to television, to the internet, every step has made massive progress, and improved on what was made before. This week, in History Sunday, we will be focusing on the development of television.

Back in the early 20th century, box theater was incredible popular; people behind large boxes, with a big hole in the front so that viewers could see in. People liked to watch the constricted area- people want borders. So, naturally, box theaters fulfill these needs.

Due to the small size of most boxes, however, the medium was not suited for large audiences; not many people could see into the box at once. So, wealthy individuals wanted to have their own box theaters, with on-demand entertainment. This worked wonderfully, but the price of owning one of these theaters (and hiring the actors) was tremendous.

Poor and middle-class citizens wanted in. How could they afford such a thing, though? Well, television was shortly introduced, so that these average folks could enjoy this wonderful theater. Rich people were upset, however- they didn’t want equality, so they lobbied to have television only made in black and white. Eventually, this was repealed, much to the chagrin of the wealthy. Box theater, on the other hand, is now fairly unpopular, due to the association with productions by children that the medium has.


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