Brain Irrigation

Preventative medicine is incredibly important, and hygiene is a big part of this. Recently, some strange trends and practices have come around; strange, but effective. One of these is the use of a “Neti Pot”, to irrigate the nasal passages, and clean out your sinuses. While this is effective, there are other things that need to be irrigated as well.

“Ear-igation” is the latest of these trends, to wash out your ears, and go deeply into the ear canal to irrigate around the brain. Now, at home, you can rid yourself of numerous, icky clumps of congealed brain goo, and even flush out common brain parasites.

It used to be that a person had to get open-brain surgery to remove parasites; the benefit of Ear-igation is that it is very inexpensive. Instead of using water, however, most doctors recommend that you use a brain-washing solution, which can be somewhat pricey. But, what are you willing to pay to keep mind consuming brain parasites at bay? Certainly any price.

Scientists are currently developing a special solution that won’t wash out the good parasites. Other scientists are currently working to figure out which parasites can be good ones; the fact that they are doing this simultaneously is being studied by a third party of scientists.


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