New, High-Tech Credit Cards

Credit cards have been around for a while now; the technology in them has changed, but not drastically. That is, until now. Credit cards always pretty much did one thing; charge purchases. Now, however, they are multitasking tools, with a brand new technology inside: Automatic Cancellation.

The cards memorize the genetic code of a person, and if someone handles the card who doesn’t have a matching code, the card will cancel. In a review of the card, writer Mike Compson said this:

“The card is actually really cool, although it has a flaw; if you’ve recently been holding hands, the card can shut down, due to its detection of foreign genetic material.”

Other things that can cause shut down errors include being placed next to dirty dollar bills, and being put in a wallet (where it will detect the cow DNA from the leather). So, this technology may not be used for a while now.

Other competing technologies include GPS cancellation, which cancels the card if it is ever more than 10 feet from it’s primary user. Compson said:

“This works really well, although some people don’t want to sleep with their credit card. I always have, so it’s fine by me!”


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