Fire Moths

It’s amazing how some species on this planet can endure extreme environments. For instance, there are forests of spikes in Asia, where the spikes are tipped with poison, so that any animal who touches these steel-like protrusions would die from the poisoning. How could any animal survive there? Well, the Knight Monkey does, by using a veritable suit of steel armor.

Similarly, there is the mysterious “Fire Moth”. These moths have such a tolerance for heat, that they often live near volcanoes. These extreme temperatures would be fatal to most species, but these moths feast off of the volcanic ash.

Moths, in general, are attracted to light. So, this adaptation is very useful; if an ordinary moth tried to fly into a fire, he would die. These “Fire Moths” often fly through fires, and because they look very much like ordinary moths, they use this skill sadistically, guiding other moths to their deaths.

Now, Fire Moths have moved into North America, as an invasive species, and can often be found in households. They hover around clothes dryers, the heat that they generally enjoy, and sometimes, live inside of them. Living inside of dryers, they eat clothing items as they are placed in the machine; this is the leading theory for the Disappearing Sock phenomenon.


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