Myth Monday: Cerberus

Cerberus is a strong image, connected to Greek mythology. An interesting premise; a three-headed dog, giant in stature. Obviously, this is ridiculous, but, where does it come from? The concept of a three-headed dog can’t just come from nowhere.

Dogs are a very intelligent species, relatively; they have some interestingly human-like traits. Some of these weirdly human behaviors factor into the creation of the Cerberus, one especially; cheerleading.

That’s right. Dogs are the only species, other than humans, to perform gymnastic stunts for entertainment and pleasure. In addition, canines are huge fans of sports; they just don’t like human sports, so they don’t watch with people.

To aid in the excitement of dog sports, especially for BiscuitBall, dogs invented cheerleading, including the stunts involved. Later, this concept was borrowed by human beings. This led to dogs creating human dog pyramids- three headed pyramids were the absolute minimum.

Although for many years, humans didn’t know about dog sports, one Greek man stumbled into a very early practice for a dog college cheerleading team, and saw a glimpse of three stacked dogs. Cerberus has been legend ever since.

As for the fire breathing, dogs used to breathe fire- in the past 2500 years, they’ve been bred out of it. Deaths by canine flames have gone down 100% ever since.


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