History Sunday: The History Of History

Humans seem to have catalogued history since the beginning of time. The reason it seems this way, however, is because history is the catalogue of all the things that happen over time, and the time before history was catalogued is unknown to us (as it is not catalogued). As long and as rich a history history has, however, history hasn’t been around forever; it was invented.

Back in ancient Greece, there was a popular philosopher named Socrates. He didn’t invent history, but it was invented by his first semester college roommate, Histores. The two didn’t really see eye to eye; Histores was notorious for partying. It turned out to be too much for Socrates, and they parted ways, to find new rommates.

Histores had an extreme case of short term memory loss. In addition to this, he had a bad case of long term memory loss, and a dismal case of medium term memory loss. Therefore, he had to write down information in order to remember anything. Histores, by chronicling his life, created the first diary, and the first work of history.

As was common in Greek society, the trend spread quickly; fads came and went very fast in ancient Greece. Most faded over time, but history was here to stay. Later on in his life, Histores wrote a short work, called “A History of History.” Look out this summer for a new book by notable historian, Drake Papyrus, regarding this work; it will be titled “A History of A History of History.”


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