New Video Game, Aids in Weight Loss

Fitness games have been all the rage for years now, ever since someone got famous for losing a huge sum of weight by playing Dance Dance Revolution (results not typical). Ever since then, companies have been introducing game systems, and movement-focused games to get you fit, active, and healthy.

Most of these games focus on the exercise portion of weight loss/healthy lifestyle; they train you to burn off calories. The problem, says game designer Pierre Ramirez, is that exercising makes you hungry; you just put those calories right back, with a few extras. This problem inspired Ramirez to create his own product:

“A healthy lifestyle is not all about exercise; it’s also about eating right, and exercising restraint with regards to food. For that part, I’ve created a food-fantasy video game. It’s like Grand Theft Auto; you’d love to steal cars and shoot people, but you can’t, so you live that fantasy in a virtual world. The only difference is, it’s legal to eat pizza.”

His new game, called “Chew Can Do It!”, involves a tiny rubberized peripheral that the player puts in their mouth. They then can proceed to chew on it, watching the screen for a simulation of eating many unhealthy foods. One tester spoke to us about his experiences with the game:

“It’s like I’m really eating a hamburger, only without any of the good parts of eating a hamburger, like the taste, smell, or texture.”

So far, Ramirez hasn’t had any concrete evidence to support his claim of weight loss aid, but he is testing the product with a variety of products. It is, however, hard to find testers; apparently, people don’t like to respond to ads that say “Looking for Overweight People to Pretend to Chew Food.”


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