Grass Jacket

For a long time now, fur coats have been a symbol of wealth and status. They are very warm and luxurious, but there are two problems with them:

  1. They are terribly expensive, and
  2. Some might find them morally objectionable.

So, what are the other options when it comes to a winter coat? Ski jackets are functional, but not so fashionable. Frankly, no one should have to sacrifice the luxury of a warm, fur coat, just because they don’t have the funds, or it’s against their morals.

Now, no one has to, thanks to the innovative design of inventor Daniel Pasture, who earlier this week, introduced his brand new jacket design; the Grass Coat. This jacket uses the same technology as sod, and re-designs it as a stylish, living piece of clothing. Pasture had this to say at the Living Clothing Trade Show:

“Now, with just a few ounces of water per day, you can feed and grow your very own living jacket. Just, remember not to overwater it; you’ll be cold and damp, and hypothermia will set in through the soil.”

Experts are excited about this new design, but concerned that it might be too fragile; when winter comes, the grass could frost and crunch. Pasture isn’t concerned about this, however; he actually encourages it, as he says that frosted grass “looks really cool.”

Currently, Pasture is taking pre-orders in Kentucky Blue(Jean)Grass for the stylish, and an inexpensive, low maintenance Crabgrass Peacoat. We expect to see more designs in the future; Pasture is just getting started. This is what he had to say about future plans:

“The future of living clothing? Not just grass jackets, but grass overalls. I won’t stop until I see grass tuxedos at senior dances.”

The jackets start at 500 USD, with 30 dollars shipping; this seems like a lot, but all the dirt makes the jacket weigh about 40 pounds.


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