Moon Cheese Problems

The moon. The beautiful orb in the sky, that illuminates our world at night (every night except the night of a new moon; that’s “moon vacation”.). We wouldn’t know what to do without it, would we? The old man in the moon, thankfully, is here to stay.

Of course, the “man in the moon” is just a story told to children; we all know that the moon is not alive, and unpopulated. The moon, in fact, is made of cheese; not a person at all. The moon cheese is said to be the most delicious cheese ever consumed, but very few people have been able to try the rare, exotic food. Scientists have wondered for a great deal of time, where did this “Moon Cheese” come from? Dr. Kyle Furbangles believes he has the answer:

“Cheese doesn’t just appear out of nowhere; it must be made of milk. So first, we must figure out how milk ended up on the moon. My theory is that milk was deposited on the moon, a little bit at a time, every time that a cow jumped over it.”

We were suspicious about this theory, but we fact checked with our experts, and they agreed that it is, in fact, a very common instance, to have cows jump over the moon.

Recently, there has been a surge of research in this area; not just for the scholarly knowledge of how the moon was formed, but also, how to keep it from disappearing. After all, we rely heavily on the moon. Back in 1970, scientists worked on samples brought back from the 1969 trip to the moon, and discovered that the moon was slowly molding.

What does this mean? Sure, this can be part of the cheesemaking process, but will it effect the moon’s function? And what about those who don’t like moldy cheeses? No one can tell just yet, but if the moon grows enough mold, a rare occurence can happen; we will experience a bleu moon.


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