Soft, squishy, “Soliquids”

This week was host to a terrible storm, which flew around the world looking ominous, until it finally settled and unleashed its wrath, directly over Michigan. The torrents unleashed by this storm were, thankfully, fairly harmless, and did have some impact on the science community; due to the borderline temperatures we have been having lately, this storm helped scientists discover a new state of matter. This state is a “Soliquid.”

Soliquids are, as the name implies, somewhere between a solid and a liquid. They occur only under strange circumstances, but they definitely exist; we simply have not witnessed them clearly enough to judge them a new state of matter. The “rain” over Michigan this week was so clean cut, it could not be ignored any longer.

The inclement weather conditions were fulfilled by a hail of small particles, soft and squishy gel pieces. In fact, one resident even had this to say about the rain:

“It was so weird! I’ve never seen Jell-O fall from the sky before, and in tiny balls too!”

It’s worth noting that, while some of the gel pieces were ball shaped, most of them were in cubes about an inch in each direction (also similar to a gelatin dessert).

Scientists have been in a real rush to harvest these particles and analyze them, as they are melting rather quickly. Although gels can be incredibly useful materials, these particles have a volatile and temperature-sensitive nature makes them useless as insoles (you will only end up with soggy shoes. Authors Note: I have tried and confirmed this.).

While this was a rare and spectacular scientific event, and many residents of the state of Michigan are thrilled about it, others are disappointed that the rain seems to be “unflavored gelatin-esque.” Children, however, enjoyed a day off of school, due to some extremely confusing weather information. Some even went to the local playground, to play in the “snain”:

“It’s great! It’s like snow, a trampoline, and a ball pit put together!”

We asked one child whether she had tried eating the snow, but she seemed to think that was gross, and too similar to eating “boogers.” We later saw the same child pick her nose and eat it, so her testimony may not be one-hundred percent accurate.


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