Gold Bone Syndrome: The Legend of a World Record Holder

The library of malfunctions that can occur in the human body expands daily. Although many of them are so rare that the knowledge doesn’t come into play often, they are still fascinating, and the medicine-curious find them medically curious. One such syndrome is the extremely rare, and strange, Gold Bone Syndrome.

Gold Bone Syndrome is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; an affliction of the bones, that causes them to slowly turn into gold. While this isn’t particularly damaging, it eventually causes the affected human to become so heavy that he or she cannot even move. Clarence Molgren is the only person known to have ever had this disease, and he was kind enough to talk to us about it:

“The first place it started to affect was my teeth. I knew something was wrong; your teeth aren’t supposed to spontaneously turn to gold, but I didn’t see a doctor. I just looked too cool, and why would I want to ruin it? Plus, I won a world record for coolest teeth.”

Molgren dealt with the syndrome for years, eventually growing so heavy as to weigh 1,500 lbs. (setting his next two world records, “World’s Heaviest Man” and “World’s Skinniest Fat Guy”). This was when his condition became extremely debilitating, and he finally decided to call a doctor. This doctor finally diagnosed him with GBS, and after discovering a simple remedy (removing every bone in his body, and replacing them with lightweight aluminum), set out to cure him.

Upon the manufacturing of the artificial bones, Molgren was sent into surgery, for some extremely slow, and painful work. All the surgery was extremely costly, but Molgren was able to pay for it with one of his ribs, and received a large sum of money as change. This gave him his fourth world record, for being the only person in the world to profit from having surgery. He was able to sell the rest of his removed bones for a massive quantity of currency.

After all the operations, Molgren was a new man, more physically powerful in every way than a normal human being; the aluminum bones were state-of-the-art. He still gets a lot of attention for it, especially for his record for being the only person to ever have all their bones replaced. When asked about this mixed attention, and the suffering he had to go through to get where he ended up, he had this to say:

“Honestly, it doesn’t bother me too much. I’m rich as f—!”


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