Upcoming Awards Show Predictions

We are just now entering the third week in February, getting towards the later parts of winter. As grammar fans, vegetable lovers, and nutritionists alike know, this is awards show season; specifically, three awards shows come around this time of year. These are, of course, the prestigious Vitamin Guild of America Awards (VGA’s), the ever-glamorous (Parenthetical) Awards, and the Veggies, the official awards show of the vegetable industry.

This year, the Veggies will be hosted by Kohl Rabi, and we have an advance copy of the list of nominees. We had predictions on some of the categories made by writer for the vegetable tabloid “Produce Weekly,” Hank Gullet (predictions below each list):


  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Pumpkin
  • Avocado

“Tomato is clearly the favorite; most popularly known for this category, but avocados have received a lot of  press lately; could be an upset. I don’t see a lot of favor for pumpkin, I suspect it will be squashed by the bigger players.”


  • Lima Bean
  • Asparagus
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Spinach

“One of my favorite categories; always a toss up. My guess is Brussels Sprouts; my wife can’t cook them at all, but maybe others have had more luck.”


  • Spinach in “Quiche”
  • “Iceberg” Lettuce in “Tossed Salad”
  • Bok Choy in “Stir Fry II: This Time, It’s Tofu”
  • Kale in “Soup with White Beans”

“The clear favorite here is “Iceberg,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided on another, considering that it is not a great fit for the category, and lacks in the “nutrition” category. Could even be disqualified, which would make for a great story. Leaf through Produce Weekly for updates on this shaky category.”

Next week is the awards show, so be sure to watch, next Thursday at eight, on PBT (plant-based television). Read Produce Weekly for more from Hank Gullet, including his spectacular expose on the seed found in a so-called “seedless” watermelon.


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