Copyright law is a large sector of the law community, and intellectual property protection is certainly crucial. Proving that you created something used to be as simple as proving that you had a copy first. No longer is this the case, with the latest civil lawsuit type emerging in copyright law being “Pre-Infringement.”

Ever since the invention of time travel in 1985, massive changes have happened in many fields, and copyright law is just one of them. Just this week, we saw the first ever pre-infringement lawsuit, where Larry Waits sued known time-traveler Johann Gutenberg for stealing his invention, the movable type printing press (Unfortunately, Gutenberg never showed up to the case, and would be subject to severe penalties, were he not long dead). Gutenberg has also been accused by Marcus Greenberg (D.O.B. 2051) of stealing his idea for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich (case had similar results). We tried to reach Gutenberg for his comments on these lawsuits, but he never responded.

Time being relative, after only one week of lawsuits, Harvard Law School introduced a new  class on pre-infringement, taught by Dr. Harold Herald, the “inventor of pre-infringement law” (D.O.B. 2122). Herald had this to say about the new, emerging field:

“This isn’t even a new field. My father worked in pre-infringement, and his father also.”

Although many are heralding Herald as the father of pre-infringement law, there are numerous pending lawsuits charging Herald with pre-infringement in his invention of pre-infringement, including one from his own father, and one from his grandfather.


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